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  • ATP Tests

    Verifying that clean really is clean

    If you follow us on social media, you might have come across the ATP readings we sometimes post. But what are ATP tests, and how do they work?

    So what is ATP?

    ATP is short for Adenosine Triphosphate, a molecule found in and around living cells. In fact, it’s the universal energy carrier in all living things.

    Measuring something really, really tiny

    By adding a reagent containing the enzyme luciferase, the amount of ATP in a sample can be quantified using a sensitive luminometer. Basically we’re measuring how much light the sample is producing – all thanks to the enzyme’s bioluminescence.

    How does it help with cleaning?

    An ATP reader device
    Cleanliness at our fingertips, with our portable ATP monitoring systems

    By knowing the ATP reading, we have a basic indicator of cleanliness. After each sanitising treatment we will take random ATP tests. No ATP — no organism in the sampled area. It’s a simple rapid test giving a result in 15 seconds that can be used by anyone at the point of use / point of care.

    Monitoring cleaning standards

    The system is well proven and has been established for >30 years in several industries e.g. catering and healthcare. The system has been evaluated by DH Rapid Review Panel (2009) and given the highest level recommendation for use (level 1).

    Low scores are better!

    The scoring system is as follows:

    • 0 -11 RLU the item is considered clean
    • 12 – 30 RLU the item is acceptable but requires cleaning
    • Anything above 30 RLU is a fail and the larger the reading the larger the contamination is evidenced.

  • Supporting Future Doctors

    We feel privileged to have this small part in supporting the training of future doctors. Through the Silver Scholarship at Pre Medical School an aspiring future doctor will get one year’s fee covered. With the eligibility requirement of coming from a family of non-medical background, this training can change lives. That may well prove to save lives in the near future!

    Scholarship emblem of Pre Medical School

  • Official Partner of Doncaster Rovers

    Clean N Bright continues to support Club Doncaster, something that feels even more rewarding now, through the pandemic.

    We saw this as a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the Club. Ever since being a young lad on the terraces at Belle Vue watching promotions and relegations to the cup runs I have wanted to be part of the club, so we saw this as a great chance for our team to become part of the Doncaster Rovers team and also, Doncaster Rugby League and Doncaster Rovers Belles.

    Wayne Barlow Managing Director of Clean N Bright 

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