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Here at Clean “N” Bright we take pride in providing the best service that caters to your needs.

We are a family owned and ran Business since 1989 and we have over 30 years of experience in our field of profession.  We have built upon the fundamental cleaning services and now are proud to cater for the needs of high end organisations.

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We really like the quality of the work you do and want to build a long standing relationship with you.

Teresa Allison BSc(Hons)

We have been using Clean-n-bright for 2 years now and I’m very happy to say that I would recommend them.  We have had no issues with the standard of cleaning, they are quick and efficient, coming in before we open to the public so we don’t have any problems with H&S and as well as windows have cleaned our gutters very effectively.  On top of this the workers are polite and friendly which makes a big difference.

RSPB Old Moor

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